I Now Pronounce You Man and Wife


No, I did not get married! Last weekend, though, I went to my friend’s wedding in Asheville, NC. I haven’t seen that lovely woman in about a year and a half, when she was discharged from Remdua. To say I am beyond happy for her is an understatement. She inspires me for greater things to come and a happy future. I was apprehensive about the wedding, though. I was worried that when I talked to her that things would be different. I’m so glad my doubts proved to be wrong. 

I was just completely filled with happiness being at the wedding and getting to partake in the wonderful day. When the happy couple was up at the altar saying their vows, I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. 


The only aspect of the drive down there that went as planned was arriving. (Here’s a little background snippet of information, though: My car key has the unlock/lock/panic buttons on the actual key part. For months it’s been cracked and held together with tape. A week before we left, it cracked in half so Javier superglued the two pieces together for me.) We stopped in Bristol Virginia (about 100 miles from Asheville) to get a wedding card at Target. When we got out of the car, my key re-broke in half. When we got back in, using only the key portion to start the car, the car would not start. I thought it was a battery problem, so after trying countless times to start it, we called AAA. Waiting for the mechanic to arrive I, in true Erin form, began to panic. When the tow truck driver came, he tried jumping my battery but that did not work. He said he wasn’t qualified to do anything else and I felt hopeless. Yes, we were driving down the day before the wedding but there was no way that I wanted to get stuck in Bristol overnight. I mean, there was nothing there in that town. So, the driver called AAA and said we had 100 miles of towage on my plan, and our Inn was 106. So began our 2-hour trip in the cab of a tow truck with quite the colorful driver. 

Looking back, I handled the situation all wrong. I was being rude to Javier and my mom when she called to try and help and figure out the situation. I was getting irritated at her questions, but she was probably just worried not knowing where we were or what was happening. I did, thankfully, calm down in the tow truck, knowing that we were on our way to the Inn and that we could just get taxis anywhere we wanted to go. I just wish that when I am in the moment of something stressful, I’m able to step back and realize that things could be much worse, rather than writing my car off completely and deciding that I would not be satisfied unless I got a newer, more reliable car. Sometimes I just don’t think straight and get irrational. 

The rest of the trip went wonderfully. However, on the day we planned on leaving i was getting livid with the people at the Toyota dealership. I was on hold for 15 minutes and then the woman who answered took forever to realize that I did not know that my car was not starting because of my key being broken. Apparently the half with the buttons sends an electronic current to the car telling it to start. I was so mad at myself for not trying that earlier and waisting $80 on taxis throughout the weekend. But, in reality I knew that I was relieved that was all the problem was. Who knows how I would’ve reacted if my car really needed serious repair? We may have been stuck there for a whole extra day. 

Overall, though, I had a wonderful weekend getaway with my amazing boyfriend and best friend. Being out of my usual surroundings was extremely relaxing and seeing my friend was priceless. 

Here’s a little video I made of our journey:
Nick And Lindsay’s Wedding


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