Interview With Javier Zavala

Javier Zavala is my wonderful boyfriend. He has been extremely supportive of me in my recovery and life. I decided to interview him about his thoughts with the whole situation of my eating disorder.


What went through your mind when I told you about my battle with anorexia?

I admired it because it didn’t look like you had struggled at all. There were blatant signs that you were already in recovery and just needed that extra push.

Did you think that you were willing and ready to help me with those last steps?

Yes, absolutely.

Was it difficult to try and understand the ways that I had thought about things for so long?

Yeah, because I had heard about it for so long, but I had never actually met someone with proof that they had been anorexic. And for it to be someone who was going to be so close to me was especially challenging.

Recovery is about learning how to think rationally about things and deal with stress in a positive way. How do you think that you’ve helped me with that?

I feel like I’ve helped you learn to see things from another set of eyes, with a more positive perspective and better hopes; not jumping to conclusions and stuff like that. And having such a down-to-earth personality has really rubbed off on you and it has allowed you to let go of your fears a little bit. I’ve helped you get out of your comfort zone.

So you think that it is important to surround yourself with positive people in order to help yourself?

Definitely yes because the purpose in life is to be happy and you’re never going to be happy if you don’t surround yourself with a safe, happy, loving environment. So it’s essential to surround yourself with those loving and happy people and grow with them.

Everybody has stress in their life and you seem to cover yours well. How do you deal with stress?

I go longboarding a lot and I feel like I let my stress out with each kick. Then I go down big hills and I get to just take it in and breathe.

One may say that is just a way of distraction, do your stressors ever come back?

I mean, clearing my mind of that stress is just the initial step towards being able to deal with situations that cause that stress; I have space in my mind to process those things.

Has knowing about my history helped you to grow as a person in any way?

Yes, I have a profound respect for those in that struggle. I have matured, but it hasn’t necessarily been knowing your history, it’s been you. You’ve helped me to become a more mature and responsible person.


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