Looking Toward The Future

Whenever someone mentions graduation and my plans for work after that date, I used to feel my throat close up and fear, anxiety and worry wash over me. With the new peace of mind that I’ve come to discover in myself I’ve come to realize that worrying about the future serves me no good. 

Freaking out and having the mindset that I will not get hired into a career right off the stage getting my diploma is an irrational and ridiculous way to think. So what if I do not get started on a career pathway right after I graduate? The worst that will happen is that I continue working part time. That’s not so bad, and it is certainly a lot better than not working. And I know my parents: if I need help to get by while I am job hunting, they will give me the assistance that I need while still letting me learn how to live independently. 

For a while I had been entertaining the idea of going into yoga teacher training after graduation, but I had been brushing it off as silly. I have been hesitant to let people know it is something that I’m considering for fear that they will look down on me and tell me to “get a real job.”


I think I have come to the decision that after graduation, and possibly after a little “me time”, that looking into Yoga teacher training is something that I’d love to do. It just makes sense at that point. Before I get into a full-time position, I can use some of my savings and take teacher training part time and work part time. If Yoga teacher training is something that I find is my true calling, then what better a point in my life to discover that than right before I enter the “real life” workforce?

When my yoga teacher at Hood told me she can see me becoming a yoga teacher,  it felt like my insides did the Macarena. I was truly overcome with joy. I do not remember a time when someone said they have seen potential for me to do something that I’ve felt truly passionate about.

My joy was also so great from the fact that I had never mentioned that Yoga teaching was something I’d been considering. Previously, when people have asked what my career plans are, I have mentioned writing or editing, to have a response to the effect of “oh, you’d be great at that!” And that type of response never seems completely genuine. I mean, who, with any modicum of respect, is going to tell someone not to pursue one of their goals? 

Anyhow, I guess this new clarity and realization of my goals has brought a lot of peace of mind into my life. When people ask about my plans after college, I can honestly say that I do not know where I’ll be, that I will figure it out when I get there and that I’m completely fine with it. I hold this very dear to me, know how I used to worry and seeing how my other classmates stress out and fret over the future. I hope that everyone can come to this same level of ease in their own way, and I hope that I’ve helped to remind seniors that it doesn’t pay to worry. I have found that, no matter how hard I try or how many setbacks I seem to encounter, that things tend to unfold in a positive manner in the end. 


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