A Dream Come True

It seems like not a week goes by where my life has not changed in some way. I’ve been really bad about blogging, as well. It seems like I tell myself that I’m going to resolve to blog more, along with other productive activities and then I find myself curled up on the couch reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle- in short, anything but what I planned on doing. 

Anyway, today was national left-handers day, so I knew from the break of dawn that I was destined to have a good day. If you have not figured it out, I am a lefty and proud of it. In the middle of my morning sociology class, an ordinary bathroom trip turned out to be something spectacular. As I sat down on the porcelain throne, I did what any other young person would do-I pulled out my phone. 

Scrolling through my emails, I saw an unread message from a woman at Sol Yoga studio and my heart stopped for probably about 5 minutes, I’d say. 

Rewind two measly days: sitting in my yoga class at Hood College, my instructor (and in many ways, mentor) called me over to discuss signing up for Sol Yoga’s teacher training certification course that is beginning in the end of March.

For many months now it has been a dream of mine to become a yoga teacher, practicing what I love and what has changed my life for the better. My instructor gave me the email address of who to contact about the training and let me know that there was in fact space still available. Rushing back to my mat, I frantically composed an email on my new phone, which was no easy task, let me tell you. 

This brings us up to date. So, there I was on the toilet, ready to open the email that would either make or break my day.

I guess you can infer what happened next: I GOT IN. I probably would have jumped for joy had I not been planted on the commode. I honestly never thought such an amazing opportunity would come to me, much less seem to just fall into my lap. It is honestly as if some greater being was calling the shots with this one. 

So, now I wait until I can take in my payment and start counting down the days (30) until the training starts! I can’t wait until I can get this new chapter of my life opened up.

One lesson that I learned from this whole journey is that when opportunity comes your way, seize that chance when you can. I had to put in my 2 weeks notice at my current job, which was a big toughie for me. I have this weird complex about disappointing people and my anxiety was so high from knowing that I needed to have that unpleasant conversation. But, I just pulled my big-girl pants on and just went for it. 

So, if there is something that you want to do with your life, just go for it! There is no better way to live your life than to be in the moment. Chase your dreams and don’t worry about the “what-ifs.” Live your life the way you want to, and do not live unhappily if you can do anything else about it!